Our Values, Vision and Mission

At GR Care we understand that people living in residential care have individual needs, often unique and complex. We believe that each person must receive care that shows respect for them as an individual and maintains their dignity, choice and independence. The care provider’s responsibility is to accomplish this and demonstrate their ability to fulfill these fundamental requirements with strong leadership, honesty and integrity. Our purpose at GR Care is to help you achieve this.

Raising standards in Social Care

GR Care Consultancy Ltd is passionate in trying to make life easier for managers and providers by understanding what the Care Quality Commission/Adult Services require you to do, and we are able to support you in providing evidence for the five key questions. We understand the pressures and time constraints of keeping up with ever evolving regulations.

The GR Care Team

Gina Rayner MInstM
Adult Social Care Consultant

“I have been in Social Care for over 20 years and began caring for the elderly following a career in the travel industry. After learning about care in my own family’s established care business, I set up GR Care Consultancy Ltd in 2009. This gives me the opportunity to support care providers with up to date legislation and documentation, as I understand the pressures of management within care settings. The GR Care team’s belief is that, if providers have the right level of support, they can then get on with running their business to ensure the care delivered is of an excellent standard. I am passionate about caring for vulnerable people and we must all play our role to ensure their well-being and happiness.”

Adam Farral Assoc CIPD
Adult Social Care Consultant
HR Consultant
Web & Print Design Specialist

“I have worked for GR Care since 2015, I began by providing internal IT support and developing the e-commerce service for this website. An existing customer asked for me to design a new website for them, social media and support the implementation of other technology related projects in their care home. This was the start of an expansion in the service that GR Care could offer.
For the 10 years previous to joining GR Care, I worked in HR software development; which included programming, design, managing developers, project managing, client visits and lots of HR domain knowledge. In 2018 I formalised my HR skills by obtained my CIPD Level 5 in HR Management.


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