Care Consultancy

We have over 20 years of experience in the Care Industry and our passion is providing proprietors and managers, with professional support to meet compliance challenges, put in place key building blocks for new Care Organisations and to help develop and deliver longer term improvement plans for established businesses. We also provide ongoing support to Providers of Care.

As well as supporting you to comply with the Care Quality Commission requirements, we:

  • Use the specialists within our team to give you a fully comprehensive service
  • Help you to make achievable and realistic changes to your organisation
  • Provide you, as proprietors and managers, with professional support to help turn your business around
  • Help make your business more successful and therefore the lives of people you care for more fulfilled.

To help you raise and maintain standards in your care provider organisation, we offer personal and friendly support when you need it, straight-forward help to make sense of red tape, innovative ideas and bespoke solutions to your needs.

We offer the following services 

  • Training for managers to assess residents before admission
  • Individualise Service Users’ care plans
  • Complete risk assessments
  • Risk of falls assessments
  • Nutritional risk assessments
  • Medication audit
  • Medication work place competency for staff
  • Pressure relief training for staff
  • Crisis / Interim Management
  • 1 to 1 Manager Mentoring
  • Identify/Action/Outcome Training session
  • Provision of Policies and Procedures
  • For any other issue/concern please feel free to Get in Touch


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