Contingency Plan Template


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Every business should complete a contingency plan so that in the event of a serious incident you are able to provide quick responsive actions to ensure that your service continues with the least amount of disruption. This template will provide your service with easily accessible information to refer to immediately in any event.

This template document should be reviewed annually to ensure it is kept relevant.

Contingency Plan Template

Template Contents

Business Details
Plan Issue Details
Distribution List
Aim Of Plan
Objectives Of Plan
Business Impact Analysis
Critical Activity Priority List
Possible Situations For Continuity Planning
Hazard Analysis And Risk Assessment Table
Procedure For Plan Activation
Roles And Responsibilities Within The Plan
Where Will The Response Team Meet
Emergency Evacuation Checklist
Response Checklist
Action List
Contact List – Suppliers
Other Important Contacts
Insurance Details
Emergency Pack Contents
Action And Expenses Log
Emergency – Staff Contact Details
Emergency – Service Users Contact Details

Contingency Plan Template

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