GDPR Toolkit


Our toolkit has been created to provide care homes with guidance and templates to help with GDPR compliance journey. The toolkit includes over 35 policies, procedures, guidance, checklists and tools 6 months of automatic updates to the toolkit. Your care home can download instantly after purchasing.


Template Contents

Getting Started
1.1 Getting Started
1.2 Concise Overview of GDPR
1.3 Using this toolkit
1.4 EU GDPR Full Regulation Text

Readiness Assessment
2.1 GDPR Gap Analysis Tool

Personal Data Inventory & Mapping
3.1 Personal Data Inventory & Mapping Procedure
3.2 Personal Data & Processing Activities Inventory
3.3 Legitimate Interest Assessment Procedure
3.4 Legitimate Interest Assessment Form

Data Protection Impact Assessment
4.1 Data Protection Impact Assessment Process
4.2 DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) Tool
4.3 Data Protection Impact Assessment Report

Personal Data Policy, Privacy Notices & Consent
5.1 Personal Data Protection Policy
5.2 Personal Data Usage Notice – Employees
5.3 Personal Data Usage Notice – Service Users
5.4 Privacy Notice – Website Newsletter
5.5 Personal Data Consent Request Form
5.6 Personal Data Consent Request Email Template
5.7 Photo Use Consent Form – Service Users
5.8 Photo Use Consent Form – Employees
5.9 Photo Use Consent Form – Visitors
5.1 Retention of Records Policy – Service Users
5.11 Retention of Records Policy – Employees
5.12 Website Consent Checklist
5.13 Employee Monitoring Policy

Managing Data Subjects Rights
6.1 Data Subject Request Procedure
6.2 Data Subject Access Request Form
6.3 DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) Register
6.4 Letter Template – DSAR Request for more information
6.5 Letter Template – DSAR Response with Information
6.6 Letter Template – DSAR Extending time to respond
6.7 Letter Template – DSAR Refusal

Personal Data Breaches
7.1 Data Breach Response & Notification Procedure
7.2 Personal Data Breach Notification Form – Guidance
7.3 Personal Data Breach Notification Form
7.4 Data Breach Register

International Data Transfers
8.1 International Transfers of Personal Data Procedure

GDPR Toolkit

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