Infection Control File Template


Control of infection is one of the key elements of safe care in health and social care settings, our Template pack contains over 60 policies, procedures and forms to enable you to comply with regulation and more importantly ensure that you are minimising infection risks.

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This comprehensive template product will provide your service with all the policies/procedures and documentation that you need to effectively manage infection control in your service.  For a full summary of the contents view the Template Contents tab.

Infection Control File Template

Template Contents

Annual P&P Review – Manager Record
Annual P&P Review – Staff Record
Infection Control Lead Person
New-Existing Policy Update Record
Areas Missed During Handwashing
Blood & Bodily Fluid Spillages
Care Of Patients With Known Infectious Diseases
Clinical Waste Policy
Clostridium Difficile Policy
COSHH Policy
Decontamination Of Bath/Shower/Hoist Policy
Decontamination Of Commode Pots Procedure
Decontamination Policy
Decontamination Record
Dermatitis Policy
Diarrhoea & Vomiting Policy
Employee Health Declaration – Infection Control
End Of Life Infection Control Policy
Handwashing Policy
Health & Safety Notice 1- Foodstuffs: Staff
Health & Safety Notice 2 – Foodstuffs: Visitors
Health & Safety Notice 3 – Hand Gel
Health & Safety Notice 4 – Kitchen
Health & Safety Notice 5 – No Admittance
Health & Safety Notice 6 – Drinking Water
Health & Safety Notice 7 – Not Drinking Water
Hepatitis B Immunisation Record
Hepatitis B Policy
HIV/Aids Policy
How To Hand rub
How To Hand wash
Infection Control Annual Statement
Infection Control Audit
Infection Control Outbreak Letter
Infection Control Prevention Policy
Infection Control Report With Outcomes
Infection Control Strategy
Infection Control Training Activity
Influenza Policy (Including Bird Flu & Swine Flu)
Isolation And Barrier Care Policy
Job Description For Infection Control Lead
(Management Of Service Users) Laundry Policy
Laundry – Soiled
Laundry – Bath & Hand Towels Policy
Legionella Policy
Prevention Of Legionella Disease Water Flush Record
Management Of Infection Outbreak Policy
MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) Policy
Outbreak Of Infection Record – Staff
Outbreak Of Infection Record – SU
Outbreak Of Infection Report
Personal Protective Equipment Induction Record
Personal Protective Equipment Policy
Pest Control Policy
Pets In A Residential Situation
Qualified Infection Control Team On 24-Hour Access
Risk Assessment Form
Sharps Policy
Single Use Device/Equipment Policy
(Management Of) Staff Infection Policy
Swine Flu Pandemic Scenario
Transfer To And From Hospital Discharge Form (Infection Control)
Urine/Faeces Sample Policy
Visual Checks For Pests
Weekly Housekeeping Schedule
Weekly Housekeeping Daily Record

Infection Control File Template

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