Maintenance and Risk Assessment Template


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This template product will enable your organisation to record the periodic inspections of equipment and your environment to ensure that your maintenance responsibilities are being properly carried out and evidenced.  From minor repairs to full refurbishments we provide you with template forms which can be customised to your specific requirements.

Maintenance and Risk Assessment Template

Template Contents

Annual P&P Review – Manager Record
Annual P&P Review – Staff Record
New-Existing Policy Update Record
Bedroom Assessment Form
Building & Equipment Maintenance Record
Decoration Record
Decoration Refurbishment Record
Equipment Servicing Record
Faulty Equipment Health & Safety Notice
Faulty Equipment Policy
Faulty Equipment Reporting Form
Maintenance Contracts Record
Maintenance Record 1 – Daily
Maintenance Record 2 – Weekly
Maintenance Record 3 – Fortnightly
Maintenance Record 4 – Monthly
Maintenance Record 5 – Quarterly
Maintenance Record 6 – 6 Monthly
Maintenance Record 7 – Annually
Public Liability Evidence For Outside Trades
Refurbishment & Planned Maintenance Schedule
Refurbishment Policy
Renewals – General
Report Maintenance Log
Risk Assessment How We Manage Risk
Risk Assessment – Bedroom
Risk Assessment – Dining Room
Risk Assessment – Hall, Stairs, Landing
Risk Assessment – Kitchen
Risk Assessment – Laundry Room
Risk Assessment – Lounge
Risk Assessment – Outside
Risk Assessment – Shower & Bathroom
Risk Assessment – Toilet
Risk Assessment Form General
Service Contractors Details
Vehicle Maintenance Log
Visual Checks For Equipment Safety
Visual Checks For Pests – Weekly
Work/Maintenance By Outside Tradesman

Maintenance and Risk Assessment Template

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