Medication File Template


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This is a vital template product for any care organisation administering medication.  The products address all issues of good practice including allergy notifications, gap monitoring, prn medication and record keeping as well as assessing and recording staff competency in administering medication.

Medication File Template

Template Contents

Annual P&P Review – Manager Record
Annual P&P Review – Staff Record
New-Existing Policy Update Record
Accidents, Adverse Events & Near Misses Report Form
Additional Drug Delivery Acceptance Log
Administering & Recording Of Creams/Nutritional Supplements Policy
Administration Of Medication Policy
Allergy Notification
Central Alerting System Sign Up Form
Clinical Reference Files
Common Errors When Medication Is Administered
Common Side Effects From Medication
Competence Assessment To Administer Medication
Controlled Drugs Policy
Covert Administration Of Medication Policy
Covert Medication – Authority To Administer ‘
Disposal Of Medication
District Nurse Prescription Request
District Nurse Request Procedure
Drug Fridge & Room Temperature Procedure
Drug Fridge Temperature Record
Emergency Medication Treatment Policy
Eye Drop & Ointment Administration Policy
Gap Monitoring Chart
Homely Remedies Authorisation
Homely Remedies Log
Homely Remedies Policy
Instruction To Increase Or Decrease Medication
Medication For People Who Cannot Swallow
Medication For Service Users Outside Of Home
Medication On Initial Admission
Medication On Returning From Hospital
Medication Policy
Medication Procedure For Service Users On Respite Care
Medication Prn Policy
Medication Room Daily Temperature Checks
Medication Training Policy
Missing Medication Policy
Monitored Blood Pressure Record
Medication Error Policy
Nutritional Status
Paraffin Based Emollients – Risk Of Fire Policy
Paraffin Based Emollient Fire Hazard Poster
Preventing Theft Of Controlled Drugs Policy
Prn Medication Procedure
Prn Protocol
Re-Ordering Medication Policy
Record & Record Keeping Policy
Refusal Of Medication Policy
Repeat Prescription Procedure
Returned Medication Form
Rights Of Medication
Safe Handling Of Medication Training Log
Self-Medicating Service Users Policy
Service User’s Competency Assessment For Self-Administration Of Medicines
Staff Initial Identification For Mar Sheet
Storage Of Medication Policy
Topical Preparation Application Policy
Verbal Prescription Orders

Medication File Template

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