Policies, Procedures & Plans Template


Clear and Simple – Just what policies and procedures need to be.
Over 80 Policies, Procedures and Forms

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Our experience over many years has taught us that documentation works best if it is clear and simple, policies that take a week to read are no good for anyone, staff wont read them, and will find it hard to locate the bits they need.
GR Care have worked hard to ensure that all our products are clear and concise, whilst still ensuring your compliance, this package of templates includes over 80 policies, procedures and plans – all with just a one time fee – offering excellent value for a quality product. Our Files are used in homes rated as OUTSTANDING by the CQC !!

Policies, Procedures & Plans Template

Template Contents

Annual P&P Review – Manager Record
Annual P&P Review – Staff Record
New-Existing Policy Update Record
Accessible Information Form
Accessible Information Policy
Admission Policy & Procedure
Advocacy Policy
Aggression Towards Staff Policy
Alcohol Policy
Anti-Discrimination Policy
Bedrails Policy
Broken Glass Procedure
Bullying And Harassment Policy
Care Plan Policy
Comment And Complaints Form
Complaints Action & Outcome Form
Complaints Policy – Easy Read
Complaints Policy And Procedure
Confidentiality Policy
Conflict Policy
Consent Policy (Service User)
Continence Promotion Policy
Data Protection Breach Procedure
Data Protection Policy
De-Escalation Policy
Dementia Champion
Discharge Policy
Disclosure & Barring Service Policy
Distraction-Free Driving Policy
Duty Of Candour Policy
Equal Opportunities And Managing Diversity Policy
Faulty Equipment Notice
Faulty Equipment Policy
Faulty Equipment Reporting Form
Final Wishes/Advance Decision Policy
Fire Codes Policy
First Aid Policy
Free Trial Day Letter
Gifts And Benefiting Policy
Health & Safety Officer
Health And Safety Policy
Health And Safety Policy Statement
Hoist Use Policy
Hot Water Policy
Human Rights Statement
Hydration Policy
Lost Property Form
Mail Policy
Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool – Must
Missing Service User Policy
Moving & Handling Policy
Needs Assessment Policy
Open Door Policy
Physical Intervention Policy
Pressure Relief Policy
Pressure Relief Waterlow Chart
Privacy & Dignity Policy
Protected Meal Times Policy
Record Keeping Policy
Refurbishment Policy
Refusal To Use Equipment
Refuse Consent Procedure
Requesting A Gp Policy
Respecting And Involving People
Restraint Policy
Resuscitation Policy
Risk Assessment
Security Policy
Service Users Codes List
Service Users Codes Policy
Service Users Personal Property Policy
Slips, Trips And Falls Procedure
Smoking Policy
Staff Accident Reporting Procedure
Stair lift Procedure
Statutory Notifications Procedure
Transgender Policy
Unauthorised Access Policy
Uniform Policy
Venous Thrombo Embolism care
Visiting Children Policy
Visiting Pets Policy
Visitors Policy
Visitors Policy – Display Version
Volunteer And Students Policy
Wheelchair Use Policy
Workplace Stress Policy

Policies, Procedures & Plans Template

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